So yet again it has been a long time since I last posted anything to this blog, but for once the reason for the delay is that I have been spending a lot of time writing recently and David’s story is nearly finished! Well, when I say nearly finished I don’t mean totally finished. My goal when writing this section of the book was to get him settled into Australia and he is very nearly settled, however, there will be plenty more to write about regarding David in the future.

For now though he has reached Australia yet it was a struggle for him to get there. When he was crossing the Timor Sea in the stolen fishing boat, he encountered a cyclone which destroyed his boat and led to him being washed up on the north coast of Australia in the Kimberley. He was found by some locals who took him home to be cared for, however he double-crossed them, stole their car and money, and made his way deeper into the Kimberley, his aim to disappear into the Australian deserts.

On his way to the deserts he reluctantly enters a town to buy supplies where he is spotted by somebody who knows him. That person takes a ‘selfie’ and posts the selfie on Facebook leading to Sally seeing the picture. David though has his violent revenge on the man and his family for taking the photo without David’s permission.

Now personally, I know that coincidences like this can happen, but I am not sure how the Constant Reader will react. Is this all too far-fetched? For now I’m going to leave this in the book as it is a fantastic piece of writing even though it could be a little step too far. For now, let us call it artistic license….!

Recently I have been reading Eeny Meeny by M. J. Arlidge,,9781405914871,00.html and it has definitely got my attention. I can see where he got the idea from (the Saw movies come to mind) and this book is definitely a different yet enjoyable take on your typical thriller.

I stated in my previous post that I had subscribed for Google Adwords. This led more people to my Smashwords page where it is possible to download Everything to Nothing for free, however, it started to get a little expensive so for now I have paused the campaign but I will probably start it again soon.

For now this will have to do for this post. I am not sure when I will be able to write again as I am planning to focus all my spare time on completing the sequel.

Enjoy reading and take care.