Well it has been an absolute age since I last posted to this blog and there are a couple of reasons why.

I have been very busy at work with late finishes being the order of the day recently.

Perhaps more importantly though is when I have an opportunity to write I spend my time working on the sequel to Everything to Nothing and the purpose of this entry is to give an update on the sequel progress.

Currently the word count is up to 50,000 so around a third completed (if the word count of Everything to Nothing is anything to go by) but my gut is telling me that the sequel will be longer than Everything to Nothing. Those 50,000 words have only told David’s story so far, and that is not even complete yet!

David’s progress across South-East Asia has been very enjoyable to write mainly because the words, as always, have come very easily and his story so far, if I’m allowed to blow my own trumpet, is damn good reading. Since leaving Cambodia he stowed away on a fishing boat, became a hero as he saved the boat from impending doom, he has made friends and he has murdered an enemy... Currently he is sailing across the Timor Sea towards the north coast of Australia in a stolen fishing boat however he has just entered a tropical cyclone which will destroy his boat and nearly destroy him.....

Unfortunately I was tying myself in knots trying to write Sally’s story at the same time as David’s story so there has been no progress with Sally. She is still in the clinic in Switzerland but I know what her story will encompass and as they say, revenge is a dish best served cold.....

Well I have spent ten hours in front of a computer already today so I think I’m done with this post however I will endeavour to write more often.

Enjoy reading and take care.