It has again been a while since I last added a submission to this blog and as usual there have been quite a few reasons.

For the first couple of months since my last post, every weekend and after work have been taken up with sorting out our new house. Thankfully this ongoing project appears to have reached completion and all the DIY is done. We still need to get the outside of the house painted and the gardens tidied up, but other than these outstanding points, everything is done!

Thankfully as well, any spare time that I have managed to find has been used to continue to write the sequel so this blog has been neglected! David’s story is near enough done and I have tipped over 100,000 words. Everything to Nothing is around 150,000 however I expect this sequel to be quite a bit longer.

It is very frustrating not having the time to write. I believe the sequel is going to be equally as good if not better than Everything to Nothing so I am really looking forward to having more time to finish it and get it out there!

Everything to Nothing is still free at Smashwords:-

or it can be bought on Amazon:-

or at Lulu as a print book:-

I finished Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver and I was not very impressed. The main ‘villain’ was a bit weak. I suppose there was a nice twist at the end but it is not really a twist if the reader predicts the twist!

Having been given a copy of A Game of Thrones, the first book in the series A Song of Ice and Fire, I have started to read George R. R. Martin’s tomes. Unusually for me I have been watching the television programme before reading the books (usually it is the other way round!) and I have thoroughly enjoyed the television adaptation so I thought why not give the books a try? I have finished the first book and have now started A Clash of Kings. Despite having watched the television adaptations first, I am enjoying the books so far. They of course go into a lot more depth than the programmes but the sheer number of characters and plotlines can be a tad confusing at times. Bizarrely watching the television programmes has helped unravel the plotlines and learn which character is which!

Well that is all for now. Time to get the sequel done!!!

Enjoy reading and take care.