It has been over two months since I last wrote and the main reason for this is that I started a new job on 18th February and getting up to speed in this new role has been taking up all my time. I wouldn’t say I am totally up to speed now, but I’ve certainly got a little bit more breathing space to start to think about blogging again and who knows, I might even find the time to continue with the sequel.

Thankfully in London it appears that spring has finally arrived so now that we should start to get some nice weather Sun and I will be spending more time outside so I’m not anticipating getting much time to write the sequel over the next few months but considering I shouldn’t be spending all this winter using all my spare time applying for jobs I should hopefully get the sequel finished by the end of 2013. Hopefully... Actually, no hopefully, I will get the sequel finished this year, if for nothing more than carrying an unwritten novel in my brain all the time is getting a little frustrating!

I suppose the biggest news regarding Everything to Nothing since I last blogged is the book received its first review on Amazon and Wendy, bless her, gave it four stars and she can’t wait to read the sequel! Thank you Wendy, whoever you are!

I promised to elaborate more on the characters, including the mysterious Mr. Gallagher. How did he get all his money? Did he get it legitimately? What skeletons are in his closet? Well let me tell me you, there are lots and lots of skeletons and in the sequel these will be elaborated on in quite some depth with one of the key characters in the unravelling of Mr. Gallagher’s past being Michelle’s granddad who hinted in Everything to Nothing of knowing a lot about Sally’s father’s past. And perhaps one of the characters before they died in Everything to Nothing did their own investigations and perhaps this file of investigations makes its way to Sally which will allow her to plot her revenge on her own father for the way he treated David and her during their darkest days…..

And then there are Sally’s children who are introduced at the end of the novel. What part are they going to play? I think revenge on the rapidly fleeing David will be deserved, don’t you, Constant Reader….? The finding of David by Jacob will be a story in itself…..

Until next time, enjoy the Spring, enjoy reading and take care.