Yet again it has been too long since I posted anything to this blog. The reason this time is that all my spare time during the summer (after work, weekends, every spare minute) was spent traipsing around London trying to find a new place to live. 

Thankfully, after much blood, sweat and tears, we managed to find somewhere and thankfully it all seems to progressing quite well (fingers crossed, touch wood, hope for the best). We should be exchanging contracts soon and moving in hopefully at the start of December. Our current apartment has served us well and we have both enjoyed living here, but now it is time to leave the centre of London and move to somewhere quieter.

So progress on the sequel has been slow. I've managed to put in a few thousand words here and there but today is the first Saturday I've had free literally for months so it has been a relief to actually be able to sit down and write. So where are the characters? David is in Australia and he is currently fleeing from the police and an Aboriginal tracker who are chasing them into the desert. Unfortunately David has just done an evil act which he is soon to follow-up with a very evil act.

I was a bit wary when starting down this road of slowly turning David into a psychopath after his breakdown at the end of Everything to Nothing, that people will judge me, the author. But it is not me who is completing these evil deeds, it is one of my characters. And to be honest, after some of the things that George R. R. Martin has written in Game of Thrones, the evil deeds that David is doing seem quite tame in comparison!

I've finally had another review of Everything to Nothing on Amazon from Phil Leader. We actually exchanged messages on Goodreads and it was great to have interaction with someone who has read my book: . He gave it four stars too!

Everything to Nothing is still free on Smashwords: and it has been downloaded 347 times so far. No reviews yet unfortunately but hopefully one of the 347 will soon!

It is also satisfying to see that my frequent Tweeting is paying off. Everytime I Tweet I get more visitors to my Smashwords page, sometimes over a 100 visitors which is fantastic! You can follow me and my book here @everything2noth .

Regarding what I am reading at the moment, I finished Eeny Meeny and it was good, but the next book I read was fantastic, I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. Such a good novel and a real page burner. Now I am currently reading Salmon Fishing In The Yemen which has been completed in an unusual style. It is not something I would usually read but I am enjoying it and it is quite funny in parts.

Well that is all for now. I am going to return to writing the sequel which will hopefully start to come along quicker now that the house search is over.

Enjoy reading and take care.